Medusa Mens Ring 14k

SKU: 121-82961

$489 $680

Introducing our Medusa Men's Ring, a captivating blend of ancient allure and modern elegance. Crafted with exquisite detail, this ring is made from high-quality 14kt gold, weighing 5.9 grams, offering a perfect balance of substance and comfort. The unique design features a chain motif embedded into the sides, adding a touch of sophistication to its overall look.

The centerpiece of this extraordinary ring is the Medusa head, artfully crafted and positioned on a flat round onyx base. This combination of gold and onyx creates a striking contrast, enhancing the ring's visual appeal. The Medusa Men's Ring is available in size 10 and can be resized to fit any finger size, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit.

Product Details:

  • Material: 14kt Gold, Onyx
  • Weight: 5.9 grams
  • Size: 10 (Resizable to any other number)
  • Stock Number: 121-82961

Elevate your style with our Medusa Men's Ring, a statement piece that exudes confidence and sophistication. The intricate chain design and the powerful Medusa motif make this ring a symbol of strength and individuality. Whether worn for special occasions or as an everyday accessory, this ring is sure to leave a lasting impression, showcasing your unique sense of fashion.

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